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Berlin, Germany

Former drummer, VBK builds her own universe focusing on dark and hypnotic sounds within a precise and agonizing techno. With atmospheric and rhythmic themes, her mixes are a mental adventure.

Based in Berlin, she has already played alongside artists like Claudio PRC, Setaoc Mass, Blazej Malinowski, Joachim Spieth, Jacopo, A Sacred Geometry, Eric Fetcher, Stef Mendesidis, Newa and many more. VBK mixes a percussive techno she can relate to.

Founder of Underrated Agency, VBK seeks to highlight underrated talents and share a new vision of techno music.

Relevant Gigs

09.10.20     w/ Claudio PRC, Jacopo - somewhere, Berlin (DE)
25.09.20     w/ Blazej Malinowski - somewhere, Berlin (DE)
05.09.20     w/ Setaoc Mass - Anomalie, Berlin (DE)
23.01.20     Rinse France - Paris (FR)
17.01.20     w/ Joachim Spieth - Suicide Club, Berlin (DE)
11.03.19     w/ Mila Glowacka - Griessmuehle, Berlin (DE)

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