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Norite, Circular Limited

Berlin, Germany

It’s through the moves that punctuated his childhood that Mown developed his knowledge of music and his tastes: metal in the north, zouk, classical music and all kinds of pop in the larger cities of the south of France. Coming of age, he discovers electronic music through artists like Autechre, Björk or Daft Punk. A passionate and lightly asocial character, he spends large parts of his student life learning how to mix and produce. Following several trips to Berlin, he chooses a path of self-exile to the German capital and draws his budding inspiration in the nordic aesthetic of the old Soviet buildings and the city’s never ending winters. He continues to explore the hypnotic and introspective sides of his techno. Mown has been compulsively collecting records that he serves out in daring, intense and genre-spanning sets: from ambient to electro and from acid to dub-techno..

Relevant Gigs

30.06.19     Rituals x Justine Perry - Suicide Club, Berlin (GER)
24.05.19     w/ Parallx & Neila - Zodiak, Brussels (BE)
20.04.18     w/ Arnaud Le Texier, Flug, Lars Huismann - Berlin
30.03.18     w/ Lewin Paul - Humboldthain Club, Berlin (GER)
11.06.17     Griessmuehle, Berlin (GER)