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Lea Occhi

Berlin, DE
Performance: DJ set
Booking: Worldwide
Spectrum Paris
Léa Occhi is a French Techno DJ based in Berlin, co-founder and resident of the Spectrum in Paris. Inspired by the Berliner culture and the LGBT community, Léa definitely know how to make the people dance. Her music always oscillates between rhythmic techno and deep bass lines. In 2018, you could see her playing at the wildest parties of Paris: Possession, Peripate, La Toilette. She has been playing in famous places like Concrete, La Machine du Moulin Rouge, NF-34 or Griessmühle, TRESOR and About Blank in Berlin. She also shared the booth alongside great artists such as DVS1, Courtesy, Setaoc Mass, Projekt Gesltaten, Nihad Tule, Newa (Bassiani), Anastasia Kristensen, Adriana Lopez and many others.